The Province's Role

Example Scheme Organisation in a Province Example Scheme Organisation in a Province

The role of the Province is pivotal to the success of the scheme. Its role is to:

1. Manage the scheme locally

2. Appoint a Provincial Mentor who

  • prepares Mentoring guidance and booklets tailored for the Province (using, for example, ideas from the Mentoring section of the 3R Library)
  • supports Lodges
  • provides advice and guidance to Lodge Mentoring Co-ordinator
  • organises training for Lodge Mentoring Co-ordinators and individual Mentors
  • arranges Masonic awareness and development seminars
  • listens to Lodges' experiences

3. Provide booklets for each applicant, candidate, etc.

4. Measure effectiveness of the scheme in the Province.

5. In future, to share experience with other Provinces to encourage the development of proven mentoring practices.

As stated above, a number of Provinces run Seminars and Workshops to support their Mentoring Scheme. A round the table discussion can be much more fruitful than always meeting on a one-to-one basis. Some of the most interesting discussions have happened when the wives and partners of the new members are present at an Initiates' dinner or some similar occasion.

There are various thoughts about funding a Mentoring Scheme and if Lodges are asked to buy the booklets some reject the whole concept on the basis of cost. It is certainly best if the cost of the booklets and Seminars are centrally funded by the Province and there will be differing views as to how this can best be managed. Whilst one Province already levies a charge on its Lodges in respect of material supplied to every Initiate, other Provinces may well prefer to meet such costs out of overheads.


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